North Rockland Rotary Serves Food to the Homeless with Helping Hands.
On Sunday night, February 17, eight North Rockland Rotarians went to St. Peter's Church in Haverstraw to serve food to the homeless through an organization called Helping Hands. About 15 total Rotarians helped out by giving money to buy food, dropping food off and/or being there to serve.
I have to say, of all the Rotary events I have taken part in over the past 2 years, never have I been more proud of being a Rotarian. Serving those in need was so rewarding and it felt so good to give back to those people who need it most in our own community, not to mention fun.
I am so grateful that my idea was passed by the board and then received so well among our club.
We met 12 beautiful people from our county. They could not have been more gracious and polite. (Not to mention complimentary of the taste of everything!)
We not only prepared enough food for that night's crowd, but the Helping Hands volunteers actually had enough food left for the next night too because of us. We were even able to put together containers of the meal for each of them to take with them for the next day's lunch.
It was a little sad but brought to light a great opportunity for each of us to help out and get involved. We are definitely looking forward on doing more events with Helping Hands and giving back to those who need it most, right in our own backyards.
Helping Hands is a volunteer organization in Rockland County. Throughout the winter months, shelter is provided for the county's homeless in area churches, synagogues, community centers, etc. Volunteers from within those organizations take part in driving the homeless to the sites, running clothing drives to be able to offer them new clothes and preparing/serving them dinner. For more information on how to get involved with Helping Hands please visit their website at