North Rockland Rotarians have announced to the Board of the North Rockland School District, that they would be donating and distributing over 1,000 dictionaries to each and every FIFTH grade student and their teachers.  The Rotarians will also be providing Spanish/English dictionaries to the various classes in need of the same.

The Dictionaries were paid for by the North Rockland Rotary Club through their fund-raising efforts.  The Rotarian four-way test had been inserted inside each dictionary.  The President of the North Rockland Rotary, Sonia Burgos Crannage, Esq. , together with a committee of Rotarians provide a program in the school informing the children of the significance of the four way test. 

The Rotarians share their favorite “words” with the students and the students share some of their favorite “words” with the Rotarians.  For many North Rockland children, it is the first book they can truly call their own.  For the North Rockland Rotary it is one of the most rewarding experiences of the club.